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The Komodo has been designed to be the most stunning natural table you could have in your home. The curving edges of the Komodo’s thick oak top make it irresistible to touch and the chunky brushed stainless steel bases give the table a look of luxurious strength. Nature and man’s finest materials brought together in a simply awesome looking piece of furniture.

But this table isn’t all about looks; the intelligent design allows for these huge pieces of oak to breath and move over time whilst keeping the table locked firmly together and you don’t need to be a cabinet maker to keep this table looking its best because it comes finished in a low-maintenance protective coating. Here’s exactly what makes this table a triumph of man and nature’s best work, coming together in harmony to give your home a breathtaking style…


A Table Top made from Single Solid Oak Pieces

Each large oak dining table top is built using single solid pieces of oak in our unique design. Not only does that mean that the oak’s colour and grain flows unbroken along the entire length of the table, but also that the solid oak top will age naturally and never become shabby with age.

A Highly Durable Protective Coating

We protect the oak’s beautiful appearance with a highly durable stain-resistant finish, which keeps the oak looking and feeling completely natural.

That means you can use the table as heavily as you like without worry and there is no need for the regular refinishing that a waxed or oiled table demands.

The edge of the table takes the shape of the natural curve of the tree that it came from. A refined hand-finishing technique leaves the table’s natural edge and top surface beautifully smooth to the touch.


A Table That Will Never Weaken or Wobble because of a Unique and Hugely Strong Structure

The Komodo table’s structure will never become weak or wobbly because of its unique locking-plate structural design which holds each part of the table together independently.

This large oak dining table can take any amount of weight or everyday use because of the immense strength of the thick oak top and base, locked together with this simple but innovative structure.

Even if there is any natural movement in the oak over the years, the table parts can still remain locked tightly together because the table base is designed to allow for any degree of natural movement.

The legs are a continuous stainless steel rectangular box section 120 x 60mm so extremely strong. Then a 5mm thick stainless plate is fillet welded onto the top of the horizontal cross-member so it can’t bend or break under any amount of household stress.

Choose Your Ideal Size

You have 4 standard table sizes to choose from which seat up to 14 people. Here are the sizes and settings:

Komodo Table Sizes

This layout plan shows the standard table options, each size showing 2 optional settings. Firstly a more spacious setting for the number of people who could regularly and comfortably eat at the table and secondly the maximum number of people that could eat at the table.

For example, if you’re seating up to 8 people regularly but may need to seat 10 occasionally, I’d recommend the 2400mm table which is the table featured on this page.

Buy With Complete Peace of Mind

We understand that buying a piece of furniture without seeing and touching it means taking a bit of a risk. Not if you buy one of our tables. You have complete peace of mind if you invest in one of our tables because you table comes with a 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee. If your table isn’t as expected for any reason, you have 2 weeks to decide if you want to keep it and if you don’t, just call us and we’ll collect the table Free of charge and refund 100% of your money.

Delivery Information

All of our tables are delivered and assembled for you by the team that built them, ensuring that they are displayed exactly as they have been shaped by hand. A personal and professional service so you wont need to lift a finger.

Read What Our Clients Say

You can read the testimonials on this page from some of the clients who have experienced the amazing transformation of their room by investing in a table.

Get Our Price List Brochure & Receive Exclusive Special Offers

To offer you the best value, we review all of our prices each month as we add new products to the collection. So for immediate access to our current price list brochure, containing every table design and size, just fill in your details below and you’ll arrive on our price list page. You’ll then have exclusive access to our special offers that we send out by email. These are offers we don’t promote on the website so fill in the form below to see what’s on offer right now.


If any of our tables would be perfect for your room then just give us a call on 01752 936144 or go to our Contact Us page.

Many thanks,


John Williamson


We're really happy with the table - it looks fantastic. It's slightly more rustic than we were expecting but looks even better for it! My wife took the delivery and said the guys were brilliant - they kept us fully posted on when they were turning up which made things so much easier for us to sort out our schedules. Thanks again for a great all-round service.

Andrew Phillips – 15th September 2016

Your team successfully delivered the table this afternoon, very pleased with the table and the service throughout. I attach a few photos of the table in situations. Very best regards.

Michael Munro – 21st September 2016

The table is perfect. It is everything we can be set up for us all to eat at one end and the other end can still having homework/painting/craft materials spread out. It is also very pretty in the room.

Lucy Dando – 22nd September 2016
Milton Keynes

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