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The Best Noise Ever Made by a Human

Posted on September 7th, 2013 in Oak Tables

Hear the name Tarzan and you’ll almost certainly think of the jungle cry that you have definitely attempted at some point and realised how stupid you sound.

You’ll be pleased to know that you’re not alone. There were several Tarzans making their own jungle calls before olympic swimmer Johnny Weismuller came along to audition for the part of Tarzan. He says he came up with his version of the call as a result of copying the yodelling of his German neighbours growing up in Austria and actually won a yodelling contest as a boy.

The famous call has all sorts of legend attached to it. One story goes that in 1959 Johnny’s car was ambushed by rebel soldiers in Cuba. In desperation he uttered the immortal call and on hearing it the rebels recognised who he was and gave him and his friends safe passage to the harbour. He swears that on this occasion the call saved his life.

An infamous occasion was at a gathering of Tarzan fans in LA in 1970 when Johnny stood on the balcony of the hotel and let rip the immortal yell. Everyone in earshot stopped in their tracks and then clapped and cheered at the unmistakable original sound.

There’s much more about the history of the noise and in fact books have been written about it, this article has everything you need to know. But if you’re ever feeling a bit washed out then I can highly recommend watching or just listening to this primal awesome sound. Brilliant!

This post was written by John.

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