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The Mantis Chunky Oak and Glass TV Tables


An oak tv table with thick glass shelf was the last addition to our living tables collection. The Mantis single shelf TV table is a minimal design with no overhanging top, tying together perfectly the contemporary style of flat-screen TVs and audio visual equipment with the natural materials of a room.

For additional storage and more flexibility in our choice of oak tv tables we designed the Mantis 2 with two shelves and 4 legs. That meant the option of being built to a specified height so you could have your TV sat on top of it with the centre-screen eye level exactly where you want it.

Hand-built from Start to Finish for Authentic Natural Quality

Each stage of the build process has one single purpose which is to make your finished table look as naturally beautiful as possible. This is done by firstly removing the grey weathered layer from each of our stock beams so we can choose the most similar beams to build your table from. This will ensure the oak table top will look as natural as if it came from the same tree.

Then the most stunning faces and edges of the beams are chosen for your table top and from then onwards we work carefully to reveal and smooth out the natural features and curves of the beams. The result is that your table is unlike any other and the table top beams will be contoured together to form a single flowing natural oak table.

Custom Build Options

The Mantis tables have been built in a wider variety of bespoke designs than any other of our tables. The Table can be built to any length and we have built tables up to 2.5m in length.

We have built some tables with an overhanging table top design, similar to the Arabica coffee table style, and the shelf space can be tailored to fit a specific piece of equipment.


Preserving the Beautiful Natural Look with a Stain Resistant Coating

To preserve the beautiful appearance and feel of the oak, your table will be protected in your choice of a durable Natural or Dark Oak finish. This hard wax oil finish has the resilience to protect a solid oak floor so it protects an oak table better from spills and stains than a conventional oil or wax finish. Your table will still have a completely natural look and feel but the durability of the finish means there will be no need to re-coat the table as often as an oil or wax.

A Unique Joint to Allow Natural Ageing of the Oak Beams

To ensure your table keeps its beautiful natural features as it ages, it will be built using our own free-moving joint to allow the oak to dry out naturally. The joints are made from an extremely strong stainless steel support bar inserted into custom-made grooves between the table top and its legs. This joint will never weaken with age or any amount of heavy use.

Adjustable Supports Keeping Your Table Solid as the Oak Ages

Our tables are designed to allow the oak to age naturally, which means the oak in your table will develop a beautiful character whilst maintaining all of its huge inherent strength. Cracks will open and new features will appear in the beams as they move and settle, taking around 12-18 months to dry and acclimatise to your home.

Its normal in an oak beam table for the top to become wobbly as the beams change shape, so we’ve added adjustable feet to each beam which means that your table top can remain rock solid for life.

This is another unique feature that makes ours the high quality oak beam tables that are designed to stay strong and solid for life.

Buy With Complete Peace of Mind

We understand that buying a piece of furniture without seeing and touching it means taking a bit of a risk. Not if you buy one of our tables. You have complete peace of mind if you invest in one of our tables because you table comes with a 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee. If your table isn’t as expected for any reason, you have 2 weeks to decide if you want to keep it and if you don’t, just call us and we’ll collect the table Free of charge and refund 100% of your money.

Don’t Lift-a-Finger – Delivery and Assembly Service

All of our tables are delivered and assembled for you by the team that built them, ensuring that they are displayed exactly as they have been shaped by hand. A personal and professional service so you wont need to lift a finger.

Read What Our Clients Say

You can read the testimonials on this page from some of the clients who have experienced the value and lasting quality of this unique build process and personal aftercare service.

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Many thanks,


John Williamson


We're really happy with the table - it looks fantastic. It's slightly more rustic than we were expecting but looks even better for it! My wife took the delivery and said the guys were brilliant - they kept us fully posted on when they were turning up which made things so much easier for us to sort out our schedules. Thanks again for a great all-round service.

Andrew Phillips – 15th September 2016

Your team successfully delivered the table this afternoon, very pleased with the table and the service throughout. I attach a few photos of the table in situations. Very best regards.

Michael Munro – 21st September 2016

The table is perfect. It is everything we can be set up for us all to eat at one end and the other end can still having homework/painting/craft materials spread out. It is also very pretty in the room.

Lucy Dando – 22nd September 2016
Milton Keynes

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